Airsoft Pistols

Black Skorpion Airsoft Machine Pistol

Black Skorpion Airsoft Machine PistolAs far as airsoft machine pistol power goes the Spring Black Skorpion Machine airsoft pistol is a tactical version of the real thing with an FPS-260. It has a folding, metal stock to make going tactical easier. ​It is a spring powered gun, which means it does need to be cocked when making each shot. However, it is very easy to use and maintain. It is very durable and there are few to no breakable parts on it. There is also no gas or batteries to deal with. It is a point and shoot gun. The ​Black Skorpion airsoft machine pistol features:​
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Spring KX011 Airsoft Gun Pistol

Spring KX011 Airsoft Gun PistolThe Spring KX011 pistol Airsoft gun has an FPS of 150. There are additional features that come included with the fun. There is a laser sight and a blue LED tactical light, to ensure a straight shot every time. There is also a silencer that can be installed and removed easily whenever necessary. ​It is a spring powered shot gun, so it does need to be cocked for each shot. However, it is a very easy gun to use and maintain. There is no gas or batteries to deal with and there are very few breakable parts either. It is very durable and sturdy to use.​ Continue Reading >>

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Walther CP99 Compact Air Soft Gun

This gun is the type of gun that built for people who like an ergonomic fit. The Walther CP99 Compact gun allows for a good strong grip and is the exact compact version of the previous Walther C99. This gun is also semi automatic. The Walther CP99 Compact has a weaver rail that is located underneath the barrel and can be used to attach a flashlight or laser. This can be especially useful when using the gun in the dark or semi-lighted areas. The BB limit is 18 giving you a good number of shots before needing to reload. Continue Reading >>

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UHC USP Spring Pistol FPS-200

UHC USP Airsoft PistolThe USP Spring Pistol is a UHC airsoft gun of great quality. Although the entire body of the gun is made of ABS plastic, its internal parts are mostly made of metal. The gun has a matte finish which makes it look very realistic. You are sure to be taken in by the sight of the gun. This gun is especially suitable for people making their first gun purchase or for veteran collectors. Continue Reading >>

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Desert Eagle .44 Magnum Spring Airsoft Pistol

The 0.44 Magnum spring pistol has a realistic look and feel to it. The BAXS (Ballistic Accuracy Xtreme System) shooting system has been introduced in this gun. It replaces the previous hop-up system and ensures better accuracy for every shot. It is best for precision long distance shooting. You just have to hold the gun in your hand and you’ll get used to it immediately. It makes you want to go out and play! Continue Reading >>

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Sig Sauer P226 Airsoft Pistol Review

The Sig Sauer P226 is a solid, dull-black spring gun which can bring a sparkle in the eye of the most poker-faced gun enthusiast. Aiming and shooting is a cinch with this gun. The spring allows the gun to be cocked before shooting. The spring is the power behind the gun and so no gas or battery is needed for firing the gun. The hop-up unit is well-designed with a tiny wheel underneath. Continue Reading >>

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