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MP5 AEG Rifle Review

This certainly is the gun of your choice. The MP5 simply has it all. It is the dream of every gun enthusiast to own such a gun. It is a very compact gun and feels like a dead weight in your hands, almost like the real thing. ABS plastic constitutes the folding stock, chassis and detachable fore grip. The barrel is made of gleaming brass whereas the trigger, bolt handle, butt plate, sling swivel, front and rear sights, magazine release and fire selector are all metal. The fire selector indicates the firing mode. The modes can be safety, semi automatic and full automatic. Continue Reading >>

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Jing Gong M16-A1 AEG Rifle Review

The Jing Gong M16 is a beautifully crafted rifle, designed after the famous M16, used by the US army during the Vietnam War. Every little detail has been taken care of. In fact, it is so alike, that only the required orange tip separates the toy from the original. Any fanatic follower of the Vietnam War will be sure to purchase this gun. The features and price promote the product well. Continue Reading >>

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