Classic Army M15 Carbine Classic AEG Airsoft Rifle Review

The Classic Army M15 is a full-size automatic airsoft rifle. It is made entirely of metal making it strong and resilient. You are sure to get turned on by the looks of this gun. The sleek black metal finish leaves nothing more to be desired! It has a metal lower and upper receiver. The outer barrel is also a single piece metal. It has a nice look to it. Other guns are made of multiple pieces and hence are prone to damage. You can adjust the retractable stock as per convenience.

Classic Army M15 XM177 Carbine 190 Rnd 335 FPS AEG Electric Airsoft Gun

Steel bushing gears are included in the interior of the gun. A metal hop-up and a high torque motor are also aligned inside the gun. There is a mounting rail under the removable handle. A wide range of optics like a flashlight can be mounted after removing the handle. There is a detachable sling swivel as well. You can use it as a side-mounted, three-point sling.

The bayonet lugs are situated beneath the front sight. These are useful for fitting the bipods. The front sight can be changed with the other side of the barrel by refitting it. A small threaded bolt under the front sight is to be tightened in case it becomes loose. If you want to store the battery inside the front grip, then push the ring down to remove the grips and then refit it afterwards. The rear sight is located at the back of the handle with a small and a large hole. The smaller hole is more accurate whereas the larger hole allows more light to come through for taking snapshots. The power source is located inside the rear stock.


  • Full metal
  • Outer barrel is a single piece of metal
  • Steel bushing gearbox
  • Metal hop-up
  • High torque motor
  • Detachable sling swivel
  • Bayonet lugs
  • Metal removable handle
  • Real gun logo with unique serial number
  • High capacity magazine
  • Battery and charger not included


  • Weight: 5.5 lbs.
  • FPS: 335 FPS
  • Magazine capacity: 190 rounds
  • Accuracy: 120 feet


  1. Looks – The gun looks fabulous and very realistic too.
  2. Sturdy – The gun is very durable and in fact hard to break. Being made of metal, with a single piece barrel, makes it strong, easy to handle and take care of.
  3. Accessories – This gun is able to handle a lot of accessories.
  4. Upgrades – The gun can be easily upgraded with its internals made a lot better. The gun supports a lot of upgrades.
  5. Removable handle – The handle can be removed and a wide range of optics can be attached to the gun.


  1. Price – The gun is a bit too costly. Great internals and full metal body accounts for the price.

This gun has very few drawbacks. You’d have to go over the gun with a microscope to find anything wrong with it. Purchasing this gun will surely give you value for money as it is extremely reliable and good-looking.

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Classic Army M15 XM177 Carbine 190 Rnd 335 FPS AEG Electric Airsoft Gun

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