Desert Eagle .44 Magnum Spring Airsoft Pistol

The 0.44 Magnum spring pistol has a realistic look and feel to it. The BAXS (Ballistic Accuracy Xtreme System) shooting system has been introduced in this gun. It replaces the previous hop-up system and ensures better accuracy for every shot. It is best for precision long distance shooting. You just have to hold the gun in your hand and you’ll get used to it immediately. It makes you want to go out and play!

175 FPS is the velocity at which the gun can fire BB’s. The accuracy tends to waiver after about 50 feet as the BB’s start drifting. The magazine can sustain 25 rounds with 0.12g BBs. This gun is fairly robust and durable. If you take good care of your gun, it will last you quite some time. However, it is plastic and might break if it you drop it during gameplay. The .44 magnum is an officially licensed airsoft gun.

The gun is very good for medium range combat. Accuracy is decent and taking aim is easy. It is an extremely reliable gun too. The whole gun is made mostly of plastic which makes it fairly light weight. It weighs about 1 lb and has a length of 10.1 inches.


  • BAXS system
  • Spring propulsion
  • Plastic body
  • Clam package


  • Length: 10.1 inches
  • Weight: 1 lb.
  • Velocity: 175 FPS
  • Magazine capacity: 25 rounds
  • Ammo type: 0.12g BB’s


  1. Low cost – The gun is priced at a very low price which makes it very affordable.
  2. Robust – This gun does not break easily. It is easy to take care of this gun.
  3. Accuracy – The gun is quite accurate at medium distances. The BAXS increases accuracy to a large extent.
  4. Magazine – The magazine can hold 25 rounds which are enough for most shooters.


  1. Plastic – The body is made entirely of plastic which makes it seem a bit mediocre. Some metal can replace the plastic to make it more strong and realistic.

This gun gives good value for money. For a first buy, this gun is ideal. You will surely cherish this gun. Grab a
Spring Desert Eagle.44 Magnum Pistol FPS 175 Airsoft Gun


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