FN2000 by G & G Armament

FN2000 AirsoftMany of us airsofters have started with an M4. While there is no shame in using this gun, many of us, myself included yearn for individuality on the battlefield. One of the easiest ways to do that is to get a gun that isn’t an M4 or an AK. One problem with getting a new gun though is the fact that you need to build up a foundation again. When you were using your M4, you bought a couple extra mags so you wouldn’t get outgunned and your friends were always able to loan you one in the event you forgot one. If you get a new gun, you won’t have the same luxuries right?

Fortunately, you would be wrong. As many of you may already know, G & G Armament released their airsoft FN2000 this year and it boasts many talents. First of all, it takes your standard M4 mags and graciously accepts the BBs they feed. It comes standard with an all-metal rail estate on top that’s perfect for mounting all the accessories that you bought for your M4. Thankfully for me, it’s fully ambidextrous. It’s nice to know that someone is looking out for us lefties. Now, ALL of us devoted plinkers can easily switch magazines without the stress of awkwardly reaching around the gun to push a button. Additionally, the select-fire switch is directly beneath the trigger with an obvious resemblance to the selectors on the P90s.

Now let’s talk about plastic. That word makes many an airsofter cringe with bad memories but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. While a vast majority of the external of this gun is plastic you can shoot in peace knowing that it’s an extremely durable nylon-fiber polymer. It’s much stronger than your average Wally-mart gun and much lighter than your old gun. The internals are the full-metal variety that we have come to know and love but they have a unique twist. You can change how deep the spring guide sits in the gearbox. Now some of you are wondering why you should even care. Well, if you’ve read any of my other reviews, you’ll know that I talk a lot about tournament rules. Depending on the competition you’re facing, you may have to limit your FPS. Typically, indoor limits are 350 and under. But if you’re outside, you’ll want to have the higher speed to reach your target. This gun does both. By giving you the ability to control the location of your spring guide, you can also control how compressed your spring is with each shot. With the spring guide as far as it can go, you’ll be shooting just a hair over 350 and with it all the way in, you’re back up to 400. If you just remember to take a coin with you to turn that screw, you’ll never have to worry about getting kicked out again.

As far as hop-ups go, you won’t have struggle with holding your bolt back while you fumble with a small dial. With this gun, you’ll still have the small dial but the hop-up is hidden underneath the cheek rest which easily flips up to give you constant access to the hop-up. Since your hop-up ties into your accuracy, let’s talk about that. The gun comes with a 400+ mm inner barrel due to the fact that it’s a bullpup rifle. This is going to give you sniper-like precision while at the same time being as maneuverable as any other CQC weapon. If you’re more technically inclined, the gun strips down to change said barrel and hop-up by pushing one pin. Then the whole upper assembly slides off with the barrel and hop-up. As with many guns, the standard hop-up is plastic and for me would be the first thing I replace (since I have an 11 in. suppressor and a dragunov barrel that would be the second thing I change).

In conclusion, this gun is a force to be reckoned with. It has sniper-like accuracy while easily fitting through a door. Its tournament friendly features keep you in the game and off the bench. It’s lefty friendly as well as better designed for both hands in mind. You won’t have to shell out extra dough for more mags if you previously had an M4 or have generous friends. This gun is perfect for those of us looking for something unique, functional, smart or all of the above.

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