Gamo Silent Airsoft Rifle

Gamo Silent Airsoft Rifle Review

gamo-silent-airsoft-rifleThis airsoft rifle is a pretty cool looking and popular air rifle.  The Gamo Silent Airsoft rifle  comes with skeleton scope and 4×32 scope and looks really hardcore.  The ventilated rubber pad for recoil helps it feel the part and the accuracy claims with some of the higher quality pellets are as accurate as we’ve seen in ages.  From all recommendations, get the better quality pellets if you are not wanting to make constant adjustments for accuracy, you’ll be glad you did.

The Gamo Silent airsoft rifle not only looks the part but comes with a noise canceling silencer that reduces noise by 52% percent.  Our tests didn’t show that much change in sound but we are trusting that the 52% came from somewhere so we’ll just say it helps muffle the shot and adds an element of awesomeness to the overall gun look and feel.  The scope works fine and needs to be adjusted, obviously but the 1200 fps, .177 caliber pellets and skeleton stock make the Gamo Silent air rifle an airsoft lovers dream.  The price is usually in the $150 – $200 range.




Trigger (it’s long and needs adjustment)

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