Jing Gong M16-A1 AEG Rifle Review

The Jing Gong M16 is a beautifully crafted rifle, designed after the famous M16, used by the US army during the Vietnam War. Every little detail has been taken care of. In fact, it is so alike, that only the required orange tip separates the toy from the original. Any fanatic follower of the Vietnam War will be sure to purchase this gun. The features and price promote the product well.

The gun has a Vietnam-style full stock with heavy-weight metal parts. The gear-box is made of high-quality metal. It employs an integrated carry handle with an adjustable front and rear sight. The long barrel and stock are also made of metal. The barrel increases the shooting accuracy and speed. The high-capacity magazine holds 190 rounds with an effective range of 120 feet. It can fire at a rate of 500-1000 rounds per minute.

Jing Gong M16-A1 Vietnam Style Electric Airsoft Rifle

The Jing Gong M16 can fire with a muzzle velocity of 330 FPS. 0.20g or higher grade BB’s are recommended for use with this gun by the manufacturer. This high-end, automatic electric rifle uses large-type 8.4V 1300 mAH battery for action. A single action of the trigger will send barrage of BB’s toward your opponent. No pumping is necessary.


  • Full metal stock
  • Removable top handle
  • Metal gear box
  • Metal barrel
  • Adjustable hop-up system
  • Adjustable top and rear sight
  • High-capacity magazine
  • Best training tool
  • Semi- and full-automatic modes


  • Spring: Grade 110
  • Length: 39 inches
  • Weight: 6.8 lbs
  • Barrel length: 510 mm
  • Magazine capacity: 190 rounds
  • Firing velocity: 330 FPS with 0.20 BB’s
  • Rate of fire: 500-1000 rounds per minute


  1. Large battery – You can fit in a large battery for more life
  2. Marui compatible – Being Tokyo Marui-compatible helps to replace parts and accessories whenever and wherever required.
  3. Customizable – You can customize the parts as per your needs. The parts are adjustable and replaceable.
  4. 330 FPS velocity – This high velocity satisfies most users. A barrage of BBs will be showered in no time in the pressing of the trigger.
  5. High magazine capacity – 190 rounds can be fired which makes it more than enough for the most enthusiastic shooter.
  6. Price – The gun is not very costly and the average customer can well afford to buy it.


  1. Long barrel – The barrel tends to wobble a bit and should be made more stocky and consistent.
  2. Body – The color and durability of the model are not very great. They need to be improved upon.
  3. Hard to cock – The gun is a bit hard to cock. The lubrication should be improved.
  4. Shoots more than 1 BB – Sometimes, the gun becomes faulty and shoots more than 1 BB at one press of the trigger.
  5. Less accurate – The accuracy is one area where the gun can surely be improved upon. The absence of a tight bore may be the reason behind this.

Buying a Jing Gong M16 is worth your money. The best price I have found is around $220. Click for the best deal on a

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