Krebs KC-89

Krebs KC-89 by Classic ArmyMy first airsoft gun was an AK47 and like many other airsofters, I ran into problems.  It started with mine not coming with tactical furniture and then the furniture I found didn’t really fix my problem.  I wanted to have a scope but the hand guard rails sit too far away to get proper eye relief.  With that said, I’ll have trouble finding problems with the new name in AKs.

The Krebs KC-89 from classic army takes all the problems I just mentioned and throws them out the window along with other problems I had yet to realize.  It solves my scope problem by replacing the classic rear sight with an arm that locks down behind the receiver and adds over 20” of rail-estate.  It also comes with a custom aluminum heat-shield that carries the quad rails typically seen on tacticalized AK’s but with a much more menacing flair.

So it looks like my problems are solved but what else does this gun have to offer?  Well, it does away with impersonal fixed stocks and opts for a more user-accepting adjustable stock.  Besides adding a beefier look to the gun it allows for bigger nun-chuck style batteries to fuel a whole day of combat.  This gun also adds onto the selector switch by adding an additional handle on it where if you’re a right-handed shooter, you can easily reach it with your trigger finger.  It also extends the mag-release for easy mag swaps without having to remove your shooting hand.  Since the gun takes away your classic AK sights it apologizes by giving you a new rear sight that’s adjustable for winding as well as offering a clearer sight picture by having an aperture instead of the really small notch.  With the rear sight winding adjustment and the front sight post being adjustable for elevation you just might hit something now and then.

It’s obvious that this gun has a lot to offer that hasn’t been seen in other AKs but can it offer more?  Yes, it can.  Picture this, you’re running low on ammo and you need to reload but the opposition has you pinned.  With all this pressure and wearing your gloves you keep fumbling with the magazine trying to get it on the catch.  The enemy takes advantage and flanks you and you have no way out.  This happened to me on my first real game of airsofting and I really wish I had the Krebs to back me up.  The Krebs adds a sloped lip that funnels your magazine to right where it needs to be.  No longer will you get taken down while lining up a magazine.  Instead, you’ll be waiting for them to come flank you because you’ll have the first shot.


  • Extremely versatile and user friendly
  • Much tougher and rugged build
  • Better looking
  • Competitive FPS at 380
  • Faster target acquisition


I’ve got nothing

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