Kriss Vector SMG

Kriss Vectar SMGI always get excited when airsoft companies come to the table with more than just M4s and AK models and KWA has done just that.  The Kriss Vector SMG is legendary for employing a downward path for the bolt that drastically reduces muzzle rise and KWA honors the real steel potential of the gun by incorporating that same action in their airsoft counterpart.  Yes my friends the gas-blowback gun actually copies the movement of its real steel parent.

But, that’s not all.  This ultra-realistic airsoft gun field-strips just like the real thing.  After taking out four pins you can easily perform routine maintenance.  It also employs a bolt check system where you can easily check the chamber just like the real thing.  A slight pull back on the charging handle allows you to see inside the chamber without engaging any part of the firing mechanism.  This is truly the most true to form airsoft gun on the market.

But so what?  Sure, it’s REALLY realistic and that’s makes it a great training weapon for law enforcement but what about performance?  Well, this gun has a ridiculous rate of fire shooting faster than 20 rounds per second and it’s also very conservative if need be.  It features semi-automatic, 2 round burst, and full-auto firing modes.  Its FPS is a decent 360-380 putting it right in range of outdoor tournament regulations.  Its light weight of 6.24 lbs makes it easy to carry around for a day of intense airsofting.  It’s extremely compact which makes it perfect for CQB applications and its folding stock enhances that advantage even more and those of us that like to add a personal touch to our guns will be glad to hear that the vector comes with  plenty of “rail”-estate.  The top is decked in a full length 20mm rail as well as a short rail on the bottom of the hand guard.  Its versatility continues with its 14mm CCW threaded barrel and adjustable hop-up.  So go ahead, slap on that laser, scope, and red-dot, even make a carbine length rifle if you want to because the vector can do it and more.

So, let’s recap:


  • Good FPS
  • Extremely versatile
  • Ultra-realistic
  • Nice and compact
  • Light-weight
  • High rate of fire


  • Burns through ammo (But is that even really a con?)
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