Magpul Masada ACR Airsoft Gun

The Magpul Masada ACR Airsoft GunThe siege of Masada has been to many an epic symbol of defiance, making it a good name for a gun.  The Magpul Masada, now the Remington ACR, is an attempt to fix all the problems current guns have.  Now, those innovations come to the world of airsofting.

The Magpul PTS Masada claims to be the most versatile, user-friendly, and solid performance gun that airsofters can get.  It comes dressed in a full-length 20mm rail for attaching optics and accessories as well as having hard points for installing your own rails on the hand guard.  Boasting a high FPS of 370-400 this gun is perfect for outdoor tournaments and with a rate of fire at 900-1000 rounds per minute the enemy will think twice before going up against you.

The Magpul Masada ACR is made from the highest quality of materials from its CNC aluminum upper receiver to its light-weight polymer lower receiver.  Its internals are built to last with an updated trigger system to allow more consistent firing than the more dated system we all use currently.

Its stock allows for quick-deployment while saving room for quick personal adjustments on its adjustable cheek rise.  It also folds to the side without obstructing the trigger for when you find yourself in extreme CQB environments.

The Magpul Masada ACR airsoft gun offers the best in versatility by having a full-length rail and a removable Magpul MBUS rear sight and flip-up front sight that also acts as a low-profile sight in the down position.  The Masada can handle every accessory you can throw at it; scopes, red-dots, silencers, tracers, PEQs, and foregrips.  With little to no modification the Masada can carry each of these individually or all at once.

But the best part is its extremely ambidextrous focus.  The charging handle, sling mounts, decock lever, mag release, selector, and safety are all ambidextrous which is great news for lefties like me.

The one foreseeable downside to this AEG is the limited space in the hand guard for a battery but this is nothing new to airsofters and there’s a variety of ways around it should you feels the need for a bigger battery.


  • Solid performance
  • Ambidextrous
  • Versatility
  • User-friendly


  • Limited space for batteries
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