Umarex HK G36CV Airsoft Gun Review

Umarex HK G36CV airsoft gunThis HK Umarex airsoft rifle is an authentic replica of the real Heckler & Koch G36C rifle. It has an amazing amount of power and accuracy, and fantastic electric blow back which really turns heads in the field. The adjustable stock has multiple length settings, so it can be adapted to almost any player, and also folds back for CQB-style gaming. The two different stock variants make it like having two guns in one! It also has ambidextrous sling mount locations and a fire selector lever that makes it comfortable for both left-handed and right-handed users.

This is one of the more solid and durable AEGs anywhere near its price range. Real gamers are hard on their guns, so they need something that will stand up to the test, and this fits that bill. The polymer it is made of is strong, without being too heavy – and the full-metal gear stands up to constant firing. With its nylon fiber handguard and solid foregrip, it has a comfortable feel, and it has a nice weight that adds to the realism when carrying and shooting. The rapid blowback bolt and strong recoil action gives it a sense of realism – as does that beautiful “twacking” sound you get when you hit your target with the velocity this gun provides. The consistency in velocity with this weapon is incredible, delivering well over 350 FPS over and over again.

Unlike many airsoft rifles that perform poorly in the accuracy department, the Umarex HK G36CV is impressively accurate.  Accuracy may decline a little bit as you get further away from the target, but especially with the innovative front and rear sights, a skilled shooter will easily still able to pick out a target from 150 feet.

With airsoft rifles, you get what you pay for. With its durability, accuracy, and features, this high-quality HK replica is well worth its price.

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