WE L85 Gas Blow-Back Airsoft Fury

GBBs or Gas Blow-Backs are nothing new for pistols but recently they’ve moved into rifle platforms and are taking the world of airsoft by storm.  Because of the way they fire, they offer exceptional realism that is lacking in an AEG and now WE brings the first bullpup GBB to the table.

The WE L85 is an intimidating foe.  Shooting at 420 FPS you’ll be safe in official arenas but as far as your neighborhood skirmish; it would be wise to look out.  Boasting a range of around 130 ft. you’ll have to widen your flanking tactics in order to creep up on this gun.  Its ROF averages just fewer than 13 rounds per minute which makes it an easy weapon for cover fire.

Unfortunately, I like the other 17% of the world’s population that is left handed will not enjoy this gun.  This is because the bolt on the right side of the gun will continually be something to worry about if I’m trying to keep my eyes.  Other anti-lefty flaws include the non-ambidextrous selector and mag release.  Usually we can work around these things but since the L85 is a badly configured bullpup, there’s no way to handle it left-handed without extra eye-relief, and removing it from your shoulder every time you need to reload or switch firing mode.  This gun is great for righties but we lefties will have to keep searching.

The L85 doesn’t offer much as far as versatility.  It’s heavy and meant to be a support weapon and upgrades a hard to find.  It doesn’t come with the rail-estate that many of us crave.  However, it does try to make up for its non-standard rails by being M4 GBB compatible with magazines.  So if you’re moving from a GBB M4, you won’t have to replace your entire arsenal.

PROS of the WE L85:

  • Good FPS
  • Good ROF
  • Unique

CONS of the WE L85:

  • Heavy
  • Hard to upgrade
  • Anti-lefty

Average price range: $249.95 – $449.95


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WE L85 Gas Blow-Back Airsoft Fury, 4.2 out of 5 based on 5 ratings