AEG Electric P90 Assault Rifle Airsoft Gun

The AEG Electric P90 Assault Rifle PDW is an FPS-200​ airsoft gun, has a silencer and is a target Airsoft gun. It is an electric automatic rifle. It can fire 400 rounds per minute and the magazine holds 400 rounds as well. It uses a rechargeable Ni-Cd battery pack​ and it is very similar to the P90 that is made by Fabrique National Herstal SA out of Belgium. ​It is an exact replica of an actual assault rifle and there is a flashlight attached, as well as there is a red dot electronic sight. There is 100 free BB’s included and safety goggles as well. The charger and rechargeable battery is included as well.

Features of the AEG Electric P90 Assault Airsoft Rifle include:

– A classic gun.
– It is a replica of an automatic rifle.
– It can hold 400 rounds.
– It fires 400 rounds per minute.
– Comes with a flashlight.
– The sight is an electronic red dot.
– It works as a semi-automatic or a fully automatic rifle.
– Fires very quickly.
– There is no pumping required to fire, only point and shoot.

AEG P90 Assault Airsoft Rifle PROS:

– It comes with the rifle.
– 100 free BB’s are included.
– Safety goggles are included.
– The rechargeable battery is included.
– The charger is included as well.


The initial charge can only be for four hours.
Charging can only be done two to three hours at a time.
The battery can become over charged and the battery will be ruined.

Average Price of the AEG Electric P90 Assault Rifle airsoft gun:

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