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Airsoft Minigun M134Airsoft guns were meant to be awesome and any airsoft minigun automatically qualifies.  What is an airsoft minigun?  By definition a minigun is 7.62mm multi-barrel machine gun that blows your mind, shoots at an incredibly high rate of fire typically the word Gatling is used in conjunction with it.  So what is an airsoft minigun?  It’s pure airsoft awesomeness!  Here are a few airsoft miniguns to take a look at:

Echo1 M134 Airsoft Minigun
Measuring in at nearly 35 inches long and weighing about 30lbs. the Echo1 M134 airsoft minigun is an AEG miracle.  It comes with both the long and short barrels and a full metal body so there is no messing around.  The Echo1 M134 airsoft minigun has 6 gatling-style rotating barrels, amazing 510 FPS firing power and a 1700 round magazine capacity.  It runs on a 12V battery (included) and no matter what you’ve seen in the past you will be inspired by this airsoft minigun! 

Average Price: $3500 – $5900

Airsoft Minigun Vulcan M134Classic Army Vulcan M134-A2 Airsoft Minigun (Co2)
This airsoft minigun is a Co2 killer machine gun.  37.5 inches long with a full metal body the Vulcan M134-A2 airsoft minigun is big, heavy and powerful.  It comes with a 2000 round holding capacity and seems to firing at about 550 FPS.  The Classic Army name also screams authenticity and quality so if you are in the mood for an inspiring airsoft minigun you can’t go wrong with this sucker.  The barrels run off of the 12V rechargeable battery (usually included).

Average price: $2700 – $3900


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