Black Skorpion Airsoft Machine Pistol

Black Skorpion Airsoft Machine PistolAs far as airsoft machine pistol power goes the Spring Black Skorpion Machine airsoft pistol is a tactical version of the real thing with an FPS-260. It has a folding, metal stock to make going tactical easier. ​It is a spring powered gun, which means it does need to be cocked when making each shot. However, it is very easy to use and maintain. It is very durable and there are few to no breakable parts on it. There is also no gas or batteries to deal with. It is a point and shoot gun. The ​Black Skorpion airsoft machine pistol features:​

  • It is spring powered.
  • There is a mock wood handle.
  • It is made of durable plastic.
  • The entire gun is painted black.
  • It’s FPS is 260.
  • The magazine capacity is 24.
  • It is 26 inches in length.

Pros of the Black Skorpion airsoft machine pistol:

  • It comes with the Spring Black Skorpion Machine Pistol FPS-260 Folding Stock Airsoft Gun.
  • A sample bag of BBs is included.

Cons of the Black Skorpion airsoft machine pistol:

  • It is a spring powered gun.​

Average prices for the Black Skorpion airsoft machine pistol: $9.95 – $21.99

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