Electric Boyi D-Boys Kalash AKS 74U

D-Boys AKS 74U Airsoft GunThe electric Boyi D-Boys Kalash AKS 74U ​is a more compact version of the AK-74. The gun offers a shorter barrel and the stock folds easily for mounting and dismounting. ​It has a full metal body and receiver and the front and rear sight radius has also been reduced because of the shorter barrel being added. The muzzle brake was resized to fit the smaller barrel and to reduce muzzle flash. The gearbox is metal and a version 2 ​and the muzzle has a velocity of 350 FPS. The magazine can hold 500 rounds and it comes with the battery and charger. ​The electric Boyi D-Boys Kalash AKS 74U also features:

  • The receiver and body are full metal.
  • Has a 450 round hi-cap magazine.
  • The gearbox is a metal version 2.
  • The hop up is adjustable.
  • The stock is metal and side folding.
  • The front and rear sling mount is metal.
  • The ho up can be regulated.
  • It can work as a fully automatic or as a semi-automatic rifle.

Pro of the Boyi D-Boys Kalash AKS 74U​:

  • It comes with the Airsoft rifle.
  • It includes the high capacity magazine.
  • The 8.4V 1100 mAh NiMh battery is included.
  • The battery charger is included too.

Cons of the electric Boyi D-Boys AKS 74U:

  • Charging can only been done for 4 hours the first time or over charging can occur.
  • Additional charges should never been done for more than 2 to 3 hours at a time.


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