Crosman Stinger S32P Pump Airsoft Shotgun

Crosman S32P Stinger Airsoft ShotgunThe Crosman Stinger S32P Pump airsoft shotgun is a single action pump shot gun. It has a short barrel and a pistol grip for comfort and accuracy. The spring powered gun will fire 17 BBs and has an FPS of 350. It also has a hop up system to increase the distance and accuracy as well.​ The gun is a spring powered gun, so it does need to be cocked for each shot. However, this also makes it very easy to use and maintain. There is no gas or batteries to deal with and there are very few to no breakable parts on it either. It is very durable and sturdy to use. The Crosman S32P also features:​

  • It takes 6 millimeter BBs.
  • It will fire 350 FPS.
  • It weighs 47 ounces or 1.33 kilograms.
  • It is made of synthetic plastic.
  • The barrel is very smooth and it is bored aluminum.
  • The barrel is short.
  • There is a cross bolt for safety.

Pros of the Crosman S32P airsoft shotgun:

  • It’s an airsoft shotgun
  • Real pump action
  • Relatively accurate and powerful for a spring airsoft shotgun.

Cons of the Crosman Stinger S32P:​

  • It is spring powered, so it does need to be cocked for each shot.

Average price range for the Crosman Stinger S32P: $24.99 – $44.99

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Crosman Stinger S32P Pump Airsoft Shotgun, 3.6 out of 5 based on 7 ratings