Electric ICS L86A2 AEG Airsoft Rifle

The electric ICS L86A2 long AEG airsoft rifle is a FPS-480 full metal, Airsoft gun with a folding bipod and dual magazines. ​It is shorter and lighter than before, with increased maneuverability into tight areas. However, it is still extremely powerful and accurate to use. ​It has 470 FPS firing power and it comes with two 450 round magazines, so there is always plenty of ammo in the heat of a battle. The bipod is integrated into the rifle and folds. The rear stock of the ICS L86A2 AEG airsoft gun is solid so that you can always take the perfect shot. ​It is fully automatic and uses batteries. It shoots very quickly. It shoots straight every time. It takes only .20 gram BB’s. Any other ammunition will jam the gun. ​

Features of the Electric ICS L86A2 AEG Airsoft Gun:

It’s electric (duh).
The construction is full metal.
It has a full stock.
The bipod is integrated and folding.
There are two magazines.
The front sight is adjustable.
The barrel and receiver are metal.

Overall Pros:

It comes with the Airsoft rifle.
There are two 250 round magazines included.
There are 1000 .20 gram BB’s included.
It comes with the cleaning rod.
The FPS is 480.
The magazine capacity is 450 rounds.
It is 36 inches long.
Price range: $395.99 – $520.00


Only takes .20 gram BB’s. and will jam when any other ammunition is used.
The battery is not included.
The battery charger is not included.

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