Electric Jing Gong AUG-25 AEG Airsoft Rifle

The electric Jing Gong AUG-25 airsoft rifle is an AEG FPS-280 Airsoft gun. ​This is the newest version of this AUG-25 airsoft ​gun. It is a full scale replica of the AUG rifle and has the same bull up feature of placing the magazine behind the trigger. This means that the rifle has a full length barrel and is still compact and easy to maneuver with. ​It has a hop up system that has been enhanced and all gears are made of metal. It lets off 280 FPS. The magazine can hold 350 rounds and the battery is a 8.4 volt mAh NiCd, so extended play time is completely possible. ​It does use a battery for power and it shoots very quickly. This is a trigger pull rifle, there is no pumping needed.​

Features of the Electric Jing Gong AUG-25 AEG airsoft gun

The flash hider is metal.
The body is olive drab.
It has an integrated scope included.
It can be used as a semi-automatic rifle or as a fully automatic rifle.
Has a high capacity magazine with 330 rounds capability.
The bull pup design.
It has a two stage trigger.
The grip folds vertically.
There are front and rear sling swivels.

Electric Jing Gong AUG-25 AEG Airsoft Pros:

It comes with the Airsoft rifle.
The manual is included.
The battery is 8.4 volts, with 1100 mAh NiCd.
The battery charger is included.
Accurate within 120 feet.
The muzzle velocity is 280 FPS.

Price range is: $169.99 – $249.95

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