Panzer Kampfwagen RC Airsoft Tank

Panzer Kampfwagen RC Airsoft TankThe Panzer Kampfwagen III RC airsoft tank is completely functional and has multi-directional driving capabilities as well. It is very fast and the turret can move 360 degrees. The barrel with go up and down too. It is completely remote controlled and can shoot at 80 feet with a round BB capacity of 40 pellets. It takes 6 millimeter BBs and there is a red lightthat will come on when the tank is ready to fire. The Panzer Kampfwagen RC airsoft tank also features:​

  • The turret will move from side to side up to 320 degrees.
  • The gun will raise and lower up and down 30 degrees.
  • It can climb at a maximum gradient of 35 degrees.
  • It can move forward high speed forward, backward, high speed backward and spin too.
  • Frequencies can be changed for multi players and tanks.
  • It has a realistic supper chassis.
  • The suspension system is realistic.
  • It has a camouflaged body.
  • There is a passenger included too.
  • It is 14 inches by 9 inches by 7 inches in size.
  • It can move at 15 MPH.
  • It offers 5 minutes of operating time.

Pros of the Panzer Kampfwagen RC airsoft tank:

  • 1/16 Panzer Kampfwagen III RC Battle Tank.
  • The FM, three frequency and nine band radio is included.
  • It comes with the rechargeable battery.
  • It comes with the charger.
  • A bag of 6 millimeter BBs are included.

Average prices for the Panzer Kampfwagen RC airsoft tank: $

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