Tokyo Marui VSR-10 Sniper Rifle Review

The name says it all. Tokyo Marui has come up with the VSR-10 which is a sniper resembling the M24. It is a well-assembled rifle with a brass tight bore barrel. The hop-up unit is placed under the barrel with a lever and a sticker on it. The sticker has notches to settle the hop-up securely in place. The receiver is made of metal with a Picatinny rail for scope mounting. You can also mount a bipod and suppressors. There are no iron sights. Continue Reading >>

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UHC USP Spring Pistol FPS-200

UHC USP Airsoft PistolThe USP Spring Pistol is a UHC airsoft gun of great quality. Although the entire body of the gun is made of ABS plastic, its internal parts are mostly made of metal. The gun has a matte finish which makes it look very realistic. You are sure to be taken in by the sight of the gun. This gun is especially suitable for people making their first gun purchase or for veteran collectors. Continue Reading >>

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