Tokyo Marui Clone AK47 Airsoft Review

2014 Tokyo Marui AK47 airsoft rifleThe 2014 Tokyo Marui Clone AK-47 Full Metal Gear Box Rifle is a high quality airsoft gun any serious player will want to add to their collection. This sleek looking gun boasts 380 FPS and offers a superior shooting experience compared to previous versions. With a capacity for 600 rounds and an impressive velocity, this gun allows you to shoot targets as much as 200 feet away. Its select–a-fire feature is automated for ease of use and the Tokyo Marui AK47 boasts both rear and front sling mounts and contains a large battery that can be recharged. The gun’s rear sight is adjustable, making it safe to operate.

Included with the purchase of this rifle is a high-cap metal magazine, a battery charger, a sling to hold the gun in, a rod to clean it and clear it out, airsoft BBs and a user’s manual also. The high quality of this rifle makes it a great investment. At just over seven pounds it is easy to transport and lightweight enough for any environment. Upgrades and replacement parts for this rifle can easily be added.

Superior to other similar airsoft guns, this rifle makes us happy. The rifle’s hop up system makes it one of the most powerful rifles a person can own and provides better accuracy when it comes to shooting. Since it is competition grade it is a great choice for anyone who has a competitive streak in them. As such an amazing product the Tokyo Marui Clone AK-47 Full Metal Gear Box Rifle has an excellent reputation for providing hours of entertainment to anyone lucky enough to own one. This durable rifle can’t be beat in terms of quality and the ease of using it. We proudly recommend it.

List price: $199.95
Actual prices: We’ve seen this listed as low as $87.95 but it’s usually about $99.95.

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