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CYMA Tactical Hybrid Sawed Off Airsoft Shotgun

CYMA sawed off airsoft shotgunThe CYMA tactical hybrid sawed-off airsoft shotgun is a sawed off shotgun with an extended magazine. ​This is a pump action air soft shotgun that is made by CYMA. It is an extremely high powered shotgun and very versatile as well. ​The stock is sawed off and there is an extended magazine added. These features ensure that the shooting can be done with versatility. ​This is a pump action shotgun that has a muzzle velocity of 240-290 FPS with a 0.12 gram seamless bbs. The magazine holds a 35 round extended magazine in it. The hold up is fixed and it is very light, weighing in at only three (3) pounds. ​It can take 0.12 gram seamless bbs or 0.20 gram seamless bbs. The CYMA Tactical Hybrid Sawed Off Airsoft shotgun package usually comes with the shotgun and the magazine. ​ Continue Reading >>

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