The AEG Electric P90 Assault rifle is the type of gun that attracts lovers of rapid fire. This is because this gun is capable of firing up to 400 shots per minute. As heavy as this gun looks, it is quite light and thus gives the holder maximum use. The AEG Electric P90 is obviously electric and fully automatic. An additional feature is that its magazine is capable of holding up to 400 rounds.

The AEG Electric P90 comes equipped with safety goggles and it also has an electronic red light gun sight. This weapon is very reliable and is just like the ones used in most military bases and SWAT teams.
Some of the cons for the P90 Assault Rifle include the issue of the fact that even without the silencer, this gun is not exactly combat ready. This is because of the fact that the BB’s tend to arc even when using 20g BBs. There have also been complaints about the loading mechanism of the gun. It is said that it is too slow and that for one to make any rapid shots then the gun would have to be angled 45 degrees…ouch.

One of the biggest pros is that the AEG Electric P90 Assault rifle looks amazing! It looks expensive and cool while its price is affordable. This is the type of gun you wouldn’t mind hanging on your wall to show off to your friends.

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