Electric Blowback Tactical MP5A2 Airsoft Submachine Gun

electric blowback MP5A2 airsoft gunThe Electric Blowback tactical MP542 airsoft submachine gun has an FPS of 395 and a folding stock with a fore grip.​ It has a full metal body, which makes it very durable and sturdy. ​There is realistic blow back added so that the gun bolt will move back and forth like the real thing. It can be used in semi automatic and automatic mode. It is very compact as well and shoots very quickly. ​It has R.I.S. on the top, bottom and down both sides as well. This means it can be customized anyway that is desired. The stock folds to get into tight areas and it has a fore grip too. ​It uses a battery for the power source, making it very fast and easy to shoot. There is no pumping required with the Electric MP5A2 airsoft submachine gun when shooting, just continuous fire occurs. It can only use .20 gram BBs, other BBs can damage or jam the gun.

The ​Electric Blowback Tactical MP542 submachine airsoft gun also features:

– Electrical power.
– It has a blow back feature integrated into it.
– It has a full metal body making it very durable.
– The gear box is all metal as well.
– It can be used as a semi automatic or automatic rifle.
– The hop up is adjustable.
– The stock is folding.
– It has a comfortable fore grip.
– Comes with IRIS.
– The sight is adjustable also.
– It comes with a high capacity wind up magazine.
– The FPS is 395 using .2 gauge BBs.
– The magazine capacity is 260.
– It is 29.5 inches long.
– It weighs only 7.5 pounds.
– It fires 700 to 850 rounds per minute.

Electric Blowback Tactical MP5A2 airsoft gun Pros:​

– The fore grip is included.
– The 8.4 volt 1400 mAh rechargeable battery is included.
– The wall charger is included too.
– There is an allen wrench included.
– It comes with a barrel cleaning rod.
– There is a sample bag of BBs included too.

Price Range: $199.95 – $359.95

We found the Electric Blowback Tactical MP5A2 for $199.95 (fully loaded) – Click here

Cons of the Electric Blowback Tactical MP5A2 Airsoft submachine gun:

– The battery initially can only be charged for 4 hours, anything more can cause over charging and ruin the battery.
– Subsequent charges can only be for 2 to 3 hours at a time.

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